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Please send your prayer requests to, or call the church and leave a message.

(215) 745-7115.  Messages will be picked up every evening. 

When you leave a phone message or send an email with your request


Continuing Prayer Requests:

Pastor Randy & family

Caroline (Rose & Tom Burghaze daughter)

Sana Aman

Zilpha & James Browne

Dorothy Buzzard

Patsy Coyne

Rev. Khan  

Scott Meyer

Patsy Coyne

Cass Quigley

Betty Sauerwald

Drew Gurcules (Son of Betty Sauerwald)

Tonya Sauerwald 

Sylvia Spotts 

Suzanne Turner 

Prayers for the Ukraine and Russia - for world peace

Prayers for our city and end to violence 

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Prayer makes a difference. God’s power is seen when his people join together in prayer for one another. God hears the prayers of His people and He has the power to work mightily in any given situation.

We pray for the world around us, for the many who continue to suffer and call out for help, for those without enough to eat, for those caught up in violence and political uprisings, for those picking up the pieces after a natural disaster, and for those desperate to find work to support their families.

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                                                  As Pastor Randy will be retiring in July, we   

                                             await the announcement of a new pastor to be

                                                            assigned  to our church.

                                              The Eastern PA Cabinet will be in a retreat

         to review all current appointments in preparation to appoint clergy.

        They anticipate that this season’s appointments will be completed

            between February 1 and April 30. They ask for your prayers.

       Please pray for the discernment of the cabinet as they select our new

        Pastor.  Please also pray for our congregation that we move forward

                     with joyful anticipation of these new beginnings.

02/05/23     Joy - JT Combay is learning to play the piano and is doing very well.

02/05/23     The family of Maustapha A Grassai Jr - he was murdered in NJ.  He is Collingwoode's nephew.

02/05/23     Traveling mercies - Paul Wilson traveling for work , Sana Aman traveling in Pakistan

02/05/23     Marjorie Sinclair - is a peacemaker at school

02/05/23     Majennah & Jean Jean and their job situations.

02/05/23     Joy - Snyders had a safe and fun family vacation in Vermont.

02/05/23     JT - asking prayers for fresh water in Mississippi.

02/05/23     Prayers for families - Stefanescu, Mc Manus, Didirea, Salvadore

01/29/23     Sana Aman –  traveling mercies for her trip to Pakistan to visit family.

01/29/23     Lovens Bernard - Jean's 14 yr old son - Jean is trying to bring him here from Haiti.

01/29/23     Cocoa & family - facing difficult situations this week.

01/29/23     Veronica Wade prayers for her health to improve. 

01/29/23     JT requests prayers for people that are poor.

01/29/23     Susan Lowry - has ALS (friend of Ruthie Dillion)

01/29/23     Prayers for Jackie Brennan

01/29/23     Diana and John Wilson - continued recovery- Diana -sciatic pain, John - hurt ribs, covid

01/29/23     The family of Tyre Nichols

01/29/23     Prayers for leaders and people to stop violence in our nation - prayers for God's help.

01/22/23     Robert Hart (Kass Greenlaw Son-in-law) has heart issues and has been hospitalized

                    several times recently.

01/22/23     John Wilson - fell and injured his ribs, also has covid.

01/22/23     Cocoa - continued prayers for her eye to heal.

01/22/23     Dot Gallagher is having eye problems

01/22/23     Dende Korpoi - Healing in her shoulder, help to make the right choice about surgery.

01/22/23     Marina - prayers for peace in our country - mass shootings to stop.

01/15/23     Doug Greenlaw - Recovering from oral surgery

01/15/23     Ryan Duke & Family - affected by the floods in California (Carol Evans Nephew)

01/15/23     Diana Wilson - Has sciatic pain, prayers for relief

01/15/23     Dende Korpoi - Healing in her shoulder, improved health

01/15/23     Jeff & Sherry Zalout (friends of Cocoa) Jeff has major infections, pain & declining dementia.

                   Sherry has a lot of foot pain along with having to care for Jeff

01/15/23     Cocoa requests prayers for her eye to heal and for some other stressful life situations.

01/15/23     Kathy Saloky & Alex - Kathy's nephew Alex lives with her and he has Covid

01/15/23     JOY - Pastor Randy receive a good report from his oncologist.

01/08/23     Mary Smith - change in employment

01/08/23     Diana Wilson is having pain in her leg - prayers for healing

01/08/23     Farol is starting a new school semester

01/08/23     Rev. Carlos Carrera is now in remission from cancer

01/08/23     Prayers for Kayla & Christian - both are not feeling well.

01/08/23     Prayers for the many families grieving as they have recently lost loved ones.

01/08/23     Prayers for all of us in the new year.

01/08/23     Collingwoode made it safely to Sierra Leone, prayers for safety while he is there.

01/08/23     Abdullah Jah has been accepted into a Doctorate program.  Prayers for his success.

01/08/23     Prayer and praise for our confirmation class.

01/08/23     Prayers for the Miller family grieving the death of their mother.

01/08/23     Prayers for Louisiana and Haiti.

01/08/23     Joy - Praise for so many in worship today [50]

01/08/23     Joy - Pastors Randy & Cindi had a good visit in Rhode Island with Ginny & Kevin.

01/01/23     Bob Patterson being treated for cancer (friend of Kass Greenlaw)

01/01/23     Patsy Coyne being treated for pancreatic cancer (friend of Kass Greenlaw)

01/01/23     Alton Crowther prayers for God's guidance

01/01/23     Cocoa - Another retinal tear on Christmas Day - prayers for recovery.

01/01/23     Mrs. Richard, diagnosed with colon cancer (neighbor of Martha Korto)

01/01/23     Prayers for James & Zilpha Browne -as they both recover from surgeries

01/01/23     Traveling mercies for all who are traveling, especially Collingwoode as he travels to

                    Sierra Leone

01/01/23     Joy - many expressed they are thankful and grateful for family and friends.

01/01/23     Joy - Ruthie Dillon grateful for good soup sold at our Flea Market.

12/18/22     Jim Rickerts - Prayers for recovery from serious health issue. (friend Sue Creevey)

12/18/22     Kathy Muzera - prayers as she grieves the death of her husband (friend of Dot Gallagher)

12/18/22     Valerie - prayers for her as she is going through difficulties  (friend of Cocoa)

12/18/22     Jessica and Kayla Mc Manus, Adrian Stefanescu 

12/18/22     Mai Quipu (friend of Martha Korto)

12/18/22     Traveling mercies for all during this holiday season.

12/11/22     JOY - Sue Snyder's sister, Carol Arnold has moved back into her new rebuilt home. 

                        (Her home was destroyed by fire last year on Christmas Eve.)

12/11/22     Cocoa - prayers for healing from a torn retina and blood clot in her right eye.

12/11/22     Continued prayers for James & Zilpha Browne 

12/11/22     Continued prayers for Erdric's family as they grieve his death.

12/11/22     Prayers for Matt (Gene Saloky's friend) Matt has surgery for colon cancer.

12/11/22     Families - Stefanescu, Mc Manus, Didirea, Salvadore

12/11/22     Continued prayers for Steven Matthias

12/04/22     Prayers for Beverly (Cocoa's friend) she is in the hospital with Covid and pneumonia.

12/04/22     Joy - John Wilson's procedure went well - thank you for prayers.

12/04/22     Continued prayers for the Ingle Family - Ed died on November 21st.

12/04/22     Prayers for Erdric's family as they grieve his death.

12/04/22     Prayers for James & Zilpha Browne - they both had surgery this past week.

12/04/22     Prayers for the family and friends of Betty Dawson as they grieve her death.

12/04/22     Jeffery (Linda's son) - Prayers that he passes upcoming tests.

12/04/22     Joy - Kass Greenlaw's family had 21 people gather for a lasagne dinner - thankful for family!

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