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2024-06-09 3rd Sunday After Pentecost

2024-06-02 2nd Sunday After Pentecost

2024-05-26 Trinity Sunday

2024-05-19 Pentecost Sunday

2024-05-12 Ascension Sunday - Mother's Day
2024-05-05 6th Sunday of Easter
2024-04-28 5th Sunday of Easter
2024-04-21 4th Sunday of Easter
                     YOUTH SUNDAY
2024-04-14 3rd Sunday of Easter
2024-04-07 2nd Sunday of Easter
2024-03-31 Easter Sunday 
It is with sincere apology that there was no video created to share for this worship Sunday.
2024-03-24 Palm/Passion Sunday
2024-03-17  5th Sunday of Lent
2024-03-10  4th Sunday of Lent
2024-03-03  3rd Sunday of Lent
2024-02-25  2nd Sunday of Lent
2024-02-18  1st Sunday of Lent
2024-02-14  Ash Wednesday
2024-02-11  Transfiguration Sunday
2024-02-04  5th Sunday After Epiphany
2024-01-28  4th Sunday After Epiphany
2024-01-21  3rd Sunday After Epiphany
2024-01-14  2nd Sunday After Epiphany
2024-01-07  Baptism Of Our Lord
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