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05/16/21     Deanna and Sam Darigo - Sam is leaving the hospital and going to rehab

05/16/21     Jim Creevey - Home From the hospital and is feeling much better.

05/16/21     Hank Baumgartel -  In rehab at PPH

05/16/21     Cass Quigley - In Rehab at PPH

05/16/21     The Miller Family - Janet Miller (former member of Bustleton UMC) died May 8th.

05/16/21     Lynn Wharton - having an epidural done on May 18th

05/16/21     For Israel & The Middle Eastern Countries

05/09/21     Sheryl Budman Duke - (Carol Evan's Sister)She is going to an oncologist because of her white blood cell count is high. 

05/09/21     Sue Snyder - recovery for knee surgery is going well.

05/09/21     Jim Creevey - Is back in the hospital being treated for an infection.

05/09/21     Cass Quigley - has pneumonia, is still in Frankford Torresdale Hospital.

05/09/21     Hank Baumgartel - In Jeanes Hospital for an infection under his knee cap

05/09/21     For the people of India as they fight Covid

05/09/21     The Family of Francis Fischer – (family friend of Sue Creevey)  Fran  suffered major cerebral strokes and was taken off

                    life support on May 5th. 

05/09/21     The Sutton family Dog, Rex has a tumor

05/09/21     Joy - Randy & Cindy celebrate their wedding annversary this week.

05/09/21     The Family of Patti Naples - Patti died this week.  (Prayer requested by Kass Greenlaw)

05/09/21     Ginny Essick - heart problems (Prayer requested by Kass Greenlaw)

05/09/21     Joy - Kass Greenlaw's Son made settlement on his own home.

05/02/21     Sheryl Budman Duke - (Carol Evan's Sister)She is going to an oncologist because of her white blood cell count is high. 

05/02/21     Jim Creevey - has had a few setbacks since surgery, is still in the hospital.

05/02/21     Cass Quigley - has pneumonia, is in Frankford Torresdale Hospital.

05/02/21     Kyra - (Sophia Lewis daughter) - has heart valve problem

05/02/21     Sue Snyder - recovery for knee surgery is going well.

05/02/21     Joy - Gene Saloky - has a promising job offer.

05/02/21      Ronald Lewis (Sophia's Uncle) is in the hospital

05/02/21      Marina Macauley - traveling mercies as she goes to Africa for a visit.

05/02/21      Tom Burgaze - Is having a skin cancer procedure on May 3rd.

05/02/21      Andrew ( Diana Wilson's Grandson) - requests for prayers for him.

04/25/21      Helen McDonald - She is the mother of Linda Gallen and she just suffered a stroke.

04/25/21      Jim Creevey – Will have surgery on his back on Thursday 4/29.

04/25/21      Family of Will Gargano - Will died suddenly this past week.

04/25/21      Sue Snyder - continued healing from knee surgery

04/25/21      Lynn Wharton - upcoming foot surgery

04/25/21      Keith - who is working to help restore power along the gulf coast

04/25/21      Deanna and Sam Darigo - Sam is leaving the hospital and going to rehab

04/25/21      Jamie's family - Jamie was killed recently and the family is planning services

04/25/21      Gene Saloky - has a job interview on Monday

04/25/21      Joy - Gene Saloky's daughter has a job waiting for her when she graduates next month.

04/18/21     For St. Vincent and Grenadines Island - safety during volcano eruption.  Crescentville has members with family living


04/18/21     Paul Wilson Thanks all for prayers, He made out well with his interview.

04/18/21     The Family of William Schule (Brother of Marge Rosenkaimer)  William died during this past week.

04/18/21     Deanna and Sam Darigo - Sam is being treated for a blood infection

04/11/21      Hank Baumgartel had a procedure Friday 4/9/21 on his foot and ankle. He needs prayers. 

04/11/21      Paul Wilson, (son of Diana & John Wilson) Paul has an important job interview and presentation for his job at a new

                    company. Pray that God's will, will be done for him.  He needs confidence, health and strength for this. He will have to

                    go to Connecticut for this presentation and interview. Prayers appreciated.

04/11/21      For St. Vincent and Grenadines Island - safety during volcano eruption.  Crescentville UMC has members with family

                    living there.

04/04/21      Fred Frank is having problems with his operation at 96..will be getting an injection

03/28/21     The Family of Linda Bly (Cass Casiano friend) Linda passed way this week.

03/28/21     Penny Houston (Aunt of Ethel Appenzeller) Pennt has stage 4 canser and is not well.

03/28/21     Ernie (brother-in-law of Joan Potts) - in hospital with heart problems

03/28/21     The Family of Lorraine Berry (Sue Creevey friend) Lorraine died 3/28/21

03/28/21     Sue Snyder - recovering from knee replacement surgery

03/28/21     JOY:  Ginny Brubaker got the job she was interviewing for!

03/21/21     Sue Snyder - having knee replacement surgery on Tuesday 3/23.

03/21/21     Linda - undergoing testing

03/21/21     Hank Baumgartel - injured foot and is wearing a boot

03/21/21     Heather Wilson - diagnosed with covid

03/21/21     Ginny Brubaker - interviewing for a job

03/21/21     Bill Conaway from PPH and his family. His brother Matt Conaway , a Philadelphia Policeman passed away

                   February 19, 2021 and his mother Thomasina Conaway passed away on March 11, 2021

03/14/21     Cathy & Drew Menzel.  Cathy's MS is causing more falls and she is in a home to receive care.  Drew is in the hospital                       with serious health issues.

03/14/21     Paula Brown (friend of Ginny Brubaker) diagnosed with multiple myeloma.

03/07/21     Betty Marinoff- friend of Cocoa. Hospitalized for leg and knee issues.

03/07/21     Angel and family- neighbor of Cocoa. Pregnant with mental health issues. 

03/07/21     Linda Bly who is in rehab and on dialysis, friend of Cass Cassiano (Linda in now in hospice)

03/07/21     Judy Bean who is Janet Jeitner's cousin, her cancer has spread to lungs.

03/07/21     Diana Wilson who will be getting Cataract Surgery on Thursday, March 11, 2021

03/07/21     Carol Evans - for comfort as she misses her cat that passed way.

03/07/21     For our Youth

03/07/21     For our communities – keep us safe and protect us from violence.

02/28/21     Hank Baumgartel  - procedure done to remove growth above his eye.

02/28/21     Prayers for Kyle

02/28/21     Judy Bean (Janet Jeitners cousin) Her cancer has gone to her lungs.

02/28/21     Denise DiPinto Fink (Sister of Joe DiPinto) Denise passed away on Feb. 23 in St. Lucie, Florida

02/28/21     Linda Bly – (friend of Cass Cassiano) poor health, rehab, dialysis.

02/21/21     Tibi & Maria Penzes - (Kathy Saloky Sister & Brother-in-law) live in Dallas Texas (Tibi is 92 & Maria is 87).

02/21/21     For the state of Texas and the stranded residents.

02/21/21     Prayers for Kyle

02/21/21     Reid Taylor – born this week and is in C.H.O.P. for bowel blockage emergency surgery.

02/21/21     The Family of Lori Marsten Steinbrecher (Sam & Joe Marsten were members of FMUMC)  Lori died this week from 

                   COVID.  She was 47 years old.

02/21/21     JOY - Kathleen Kling (FMUMC) is once again a Great Grandmom as her 8th great grandchild, Emma Lee,

                    was born last week.

02/14/21     Sam Darigo had a stroke and is recovering and coming home soon.

02/14/21     Prayers for Kyle

02/07/21     The Kamara Family, Andrew Kamara Sr (father of Andrew Kamara) died suddenly.  Andrew Jr. will be traveling to Africa,

                    so please also pray for his safe travels.

02/07/21     Collingwoode Macauley will be traveling to Sierra Leone to be with his family after the death of his brother Gabriel

                    James Coker.

02/07/21     Omega (daughter of Marina Macauley) asks for prayers for help through a difficult time.

01/31/21      The family of Rev. Olivet Brown Pastor of Good Shepherd UMC in NE Philadelphia – Rev. Brown died on January 28th.

01/31/21      Dr. Denise Hartman (friend of Dot Gallagher) diagnosed with multiple myeloma

01/31/21      Prayers for Kyle

01/31/21      Prayers for Lynn Wharton’s Aunt Mabel

01/24/21     The Coker/Macauley Family - Gabriel James Coker (Collingwoode Macauley brother) died on January 22nd in

                    Sierra Leone.

01/24/21     The family of Dr. Robert Brehouse (cousin of Don Gross) Dr, Brehouse died this past week. His memorial service will

                    be on March 5th.

01/24/21     Angel (friend of Cocoa) Due to have a baby this coming week, and has health concerns.

01/17/21      Paul Hamp Corson (Brother of Mary Meyer) is hospitalized with Covid.

01/17/21      Scott Meyer is being evaluated for surgery

01/17/21      The family of Charlie Elia, Charlie passed away this week from COVID.

01/17/21      Wes Jeitner (8 months old) and his parents Bryan & Carrie.  Wes tested positive for covid, and he is teething. 

                    He is having a rough time with sleep.

01/17/21      Nancy Hionides (cousin of Kass Greenlaw) is receiving chemo treatment for cancer.

01/17/21      Lorraine Berry (friend of Sue Creevey) needs heart valve replacement but has covid.

01/10/21      Cookie (Amelia) Lewis is home recovering.

01/10/21      Ronald Lewis (Sophia’s Uncle) is in rehab recovering.

01/10/21      Prayer for Patti & Kate Kinard on the sudden loss of Rick, husband and father at age 67.

01/10/21      Kaelin Sullivan - a young man struggling with addiction.

01/10/21      Craig (friend of Cocoa) who is having a procedure

01/10/21      Shawn Holland (friend of Cocoa) who is in the hospital with Covid.

01/03/21     Pastor Ken Smith (PPH Resident) has stage 4 prostate cancer

01/03/21     Michael Rolle (friend of John & Diana Wilson) Had hip surgery, please prayer for his complete recovery.

01/03/21     Amelia (Cookie) Lewis (Mother of Sophia Lewis) hospitalized at Jefferson-Torresdale for Kidney infection

01/03/21     Ronald Lewis (Uncle of Sophia Lewis) hospitalized at Nazareth Hospital for tested positive for COVID concerns

01/03/21     For our communities – keep us safe and protect us from violence.

01/03/21     JOY - Pastor Randy’s medical leave is over and we are delighted that he is once again leading us in ministry. 

                    We welcome him back to the zoom pulpit. Please continue to keep him in prayer!