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Please send your prayer requests to,

or call Sue Creevey and leave a message 267-847-6029. 

When you leave a phone message or send an email with your request


Continuing Prayer Requests:

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Continuing Prayers for:

Dorothy Buzzard                     Victoria Somers

Martha & Wondor Korto          Scott Meyer               

Cass Quigley                           Marva 

Meghan Riley                          Sheryl Duke

For families, especially:

Jean Bernard and family

Zilpha and James Browne    

Jiselle & Family

Betty Sauerwald & family          

The Stefanescu & Mc Manus Families

Pastor Brendan Van Gorder & family   

The Spotts Family

For an end to violence, for peace and stability  

Philadelphia, especially our community

Sierra Leone, Africa   

Haiti   -    Israel and Hamas   -   Ukraine and Russia         

Please praise and pray for our youth

                          – they are the future of our church!

Prayer makes a difference. God’s power is seen when his people join together in prayer for one another. God hears the prayers of His people and He has the power to work mightily in any given situation.

We pray for the world around us, for the many who continue to suffer and call out for help, for those without enough to eat, for those caught up in violence and political uprisings, for those picking up the pieces after a natural disaster, and for those desperate to find work to support their families.

06/09/24     Traveling mercies for Enid as she returns from California

06/09/24     JOY * Mallory Jean graduated from 4th grade on June 5th.

06/09/24     JOY * Naiima will graduate on June 10th from Masterman HS.

06/09/24     Prayers for a family friend, Patty, who died this past week.

06/09/24     Prayers for Ally Wilson as she finds a new dance school, traveling mercies for Paul Wilson.

06/09/24     JOY * Kass Greenlaw's grandson Gordon returned safely from his trip to Singapore & Australia.

06/09/24     Continued prayers for Megan Riley as she has surgery scheduled to amputate her arm. 

                    A recent x-ray shows that she also has a fractured clavicle from a recent fall.

06/09/24     Prayers for Alton and his family, it is now one year since his Mom died.

06/02/24         Kass Greenlaw’s cousin, Nancy Hionides has entered hospice care.

06/02/24     Prayers for Martha Korto as she will be leaving the USA and going home to Liberia to enjoy

                   her retirement.

06/02/24     Prayers for Enid Manley-Spain as she is moving to North Carolina to start a new job.                                   Prayers for Enid & Alton as they maintain a long distance relationship.

06/02/24     JOY - Dende's father, Rev. David Caulker will celebrate his 94th birthday on the 8th of June,                         Dende is going to Freetown to surprise him with a visit.

06/02/24     The Wilson's granddaughter, Ally, attends the University of the Arts, and they are closing on

                   June 7th.   Prayers for Ally as she searches for another school to finish her 4th year.

06/02/24     JOY - Rhonda Whited birthday was June1st. Happy Birthday!

06/02/24     Continued prayers for Mark Whited as he continues PT for his shoulder.

06/02/24     Prayers for Rhonda and her work situation.

06/02/24     Sheryl Duke (Carol Evan's Sister) the family hopes that a change in medication will help her

                    to improve.

06/02/24     Prayers for Patience Kunyabor who is grieving her mother's death.

06/02/24     Prayers to stop all the atrocities happening all over the world.

06/02/24    JOY - Naiima Jabati graduates of June 10th.

06/02/24     Congratulations to Walter & Shamaine on their wedding yesterday. 

                   Prayers for love, peace and a blissful marriage.

06/02/24     JOY - Farol has a new job at a Philadelphia Elementary School

04/14/24     Eva Baumgartel had heart surgery last week and is now staying with Dolly Lowe & family

                   as she recovers.  Prayers for a good recovery!

04/14/24     Prayers for Sheryl Duke and also for Joyce Kersetter from PPH

04/14/24     Prayers for Cocoa's parents, for Cocoa's toe to heal, and for Cocoa & Phil.

04/14/24     Prayers for the Hummel family as they grieve the death of a loved one.

04/14/24     Prayers for General and Annual conference that decisions are made with grace and mercy.

04/14/24     JOY - Maurice Sutton passed his driver permit test

04/14/24     Prayers for Sierra Leone UM as they have their conference and make decisions that could

                   result in the division of the church.

04/14/24     Ed Paye had some changes coming with work and not only were his prayers answered,

                   but the outcome was better than expected.

04/07/24     Prayers for the people of the Ukraine and Palestine

04/07/24     Dende had a fall this week but was grateful to be able to come on Saturday for the

                   community clean-up event.

04/07/24     After watching the children on the Family of God video, Dende is thankful that we have

                   youth present and she is thankful for the leaders that keep the youth active. 

                   We are doing and good job!

04/07/24     Prayers for Eva Baumgartel, and traveling mercies for Paul Wilson.

04/07/24     Prayers for Carol's sister Sheryl Duke.

04/07/24     Continued prayers for Ron Smith and Cocoa's son Acy.

04/07/24     Joy - Cocoa has joined the Knitters Guild of America

04/07/24     Prayers for the Bowen family as they have health issues and upcoming surgeries.

04/07/24     Prayers for Mark Whited - shoulder surgery scheduled for tomorrow.

04/07/24     Prayers for the Matthias Family, loss of a loved one who went home to be with the Lord.

04/07/24     Prayers for Marjorie and her Dad's birthdays.

04/07/24     Marina asks for traveling mercies for her friend Susan.

04/07/24     Prayers for Peace in the world

04/07/24     Thanks that the earthquake on Friday left us all safe and secure.

04/07/24     Prayers for Ed Paye as he is not feeling well.

04/07/24     Prayers for the family of Deanna Darigo as they have her funeral services this week.

03/31/24     Naiima Jaboti has received an acceptance letter to Unnv of Penn

03/31/24     Marina Jah - Thankful for family & friends that surprised her with a birthday party

03/31/24     Doreen Baker's grandson is healing from an accident

03/31/24     For the family of Deanna Darigo - Deanna, a member of Frankford Memorial UMC died on

                    March 30th.

03/31/24     Traveling mercies for Enid as she travels next month for work.

03/31/24     Prayers for loss of life at The Francis Scott Key bridge collaspe

03/31/24     Prayers and thanks for Sue Snyder and Sue Creevey and their work for our church, and for

                    Pastor Brendan.

03/31/24     Prayers for Allyson Jenkins health concerns

03/24/24     Edwina Paye burned her hand, prayers for healing.

03/24/24     Betty Brzoza (Sue Creevey's sister) continued prayers for healing.

03/24/24     Bill & Eileen Lewis (Friends of Sue Creevey)  prayers for relief of pain and other health issues.

03/24/24     The Pastor at Jahcurie's school that we have been praying for died this week.

03/24/24     Naiima asks for prayers for her progress in selecting a college.

03/24/24     Enid's uncle died this week, prayers for her father, and her cousin.

03/24/24     Mallory Jean - prayers for recovery from stomach virus

03/24/24     Prayers for the Kofa family - their nephew from Sierra Leone died.

03/24/24     Prayers for Mark Whited as he prepares for shoulder surgery.

03/24/24     Joy - Brandon Whited will soon celebrate his 18th birthday.

03/24/24     Prayers for Sheryl Duke - she has dementia

03/24/24     Prayers for Ron Smith's heart and health - Cocoa went to her college reunion

03/24/24     Prayer walk on Tuesday went well, they met Alfredo, who is with us today in worship.

03/24/24     Prayers for a spirit of unity and peace during the upcoming UM General Conference

03/17/24     Mariah Jean - prayers as she takes a science exam this week.

03/17/24     Eva Baumgartel is in Jeanes Hospital - prayers for improved health.

03/17/24     Dende - Prayers for the family of Mossima, a young man that died this week.

03/17/24     Dende is thankful and blessed that she celebrated another birthday.

03/17/24     Majennah is grateful that her mother, Marina Macauley, celebrated another birthday (24?)

                    Thankful for her Mom and family.

03/17/24     Prayers for stop violence in our City and prayers for our children.

03/17/24     Marina tells us that her grandmom is 60, not 24 and she loves her.

03/17/24     Mallory participated in a play this week and all went very well. Marina is grateful for her sister

                   Mallory and thankful for her talents and voice.

03/17/24     Enid - Alton's brother is with us today and he is celebrating his birthday.

03/17/24     Ed Paye is thankful for Crescentville and friends and family.

03/17/24     Kass Greenlaw has a prayer request for her friend Carol that was diagnosed with a brain


03/17/24     Diana thanks us for our prayers for Andrew, he is back at college.

03/17/24     Prayers for Kitty Wilson, in hospital and needs prayers.

03/17/24     Gene Bernard prayers for family & Haiti

03/17/24     Rosemary Clarke from PPH died on Saturday.  Prayers for friends and family.

03/17/24     Cocoa grateful that her son Philip was not at the bus stop the day of the mass shooting

03/17/24     Donnette - prayers for all families

03/17/24     Allyson - prayers that she has good results from blood tests. Prayers for her brother, Anthony

                    who is stressed about the family business.

03/10/24     Gun violence in area - prayers for those who have been wounded and the families grieving the

                   death of loved ones.  Also prayers for justice for those commitrting these as acts of terrorism.

03/10/24     Dende had a small accident coming to church, but all is ok and she is thankful for that. 

                   Prayers for Sierra Leone and for their President's  upcoming visit to Philadelphia.

03/10/24     Prayers for the Kofa Family.  Sophia's nephew, Sawee Kofa, was shot and killed at a bus

                   station on March 3rd.

03/10/24     Prayers for healing for Kelsey & Maurice Sr Sutton as they recover from a very bad cold that is

                   effecting Kelsey's asthma.

03/10/24     Prayers for Haiti - there is so much violence that no one is safe there.

03/10/24     Thankful for Andrew's safe return home and again for traveling mercies.

03/10/24     Prayers for Diana's neighbor, Charles, who is in ICU

03/10/24     Prayers for Cocoa and Phillip, and prayers for Ron Smith as he is back in the hospital with fluid

                    in his lungs.

03/10/24     Elizer Diyalou thankful for successful sinus surgery.

03/10/24     Prayers for Sonja and her health care co-workers. 

03/10/24     Prayers for Dot Gallagher who is not feeling well.

03/03/24     Prayers for Betty Brzoza (Sue Creevey's sister) - She tore a tendon and is hospitalized for pain


03/03/24     Prayers for Devon as he returns to school after chemo.

03/03/24     Traveling mercies for Andrew Wilson during spring break.

03/03/24     Prayers for Jean Bernard and Haiti

03/03/24     Joy to have many in church today (53)

03/03/24     Sheryl Dukes (Carol Evan's Sister) prayers as family tries to get her into an assisted living


03/03/24     Prayers for Ron Smith as he recovers from sepsis and heart attack.

03/03/24     Claudia Johnson had travel problems but we able to travel to Puerto Rico to celebrate her


03/03/24     Claudia Johnson will be traveling to Ohio to visit with her son Cornelius as he anticipates the

                    birth of his child.

03/03/24     Kass Greenlaw happy to have her family join us for worship in celebration of her birthday.

03/03/24     Prayers for a 9 year old boy, Lorenzo, as he receives chemo treatments.

03/03/24     Prayers for healing for Dende's shoulders.

03/03/24     Prayers for City of Philadelphia and employees as they are called to return to offices for work.

03/03/24     Prayers for the Riley family, for peace, forgiveness and healing of relationships.

02/25/24     Prayers for Pastor Brendan as he recovers from Covid

02/25/24     Prayers for the Sutton Family

02/25/24     Prayers for the Jean family as they mourn the death of Charlie

02/25/24     Prayers for Mariah Jean & her team as they compete in a cheerleading competition

02/25/24     Prayers for Jean Bernard and Haiti

02/25/24     Prayers for Marina Macauley as she celebrates her 60th birthday

02/25/24     Prayers for Marina Jean as she is learning to drive

02/25/24     Prayers for Palestine that they don't get bombed anymore

02/25/24     Prayers for Ukraine so they don't get bombed and have peace

02/25/24     Prayers for a friend that is having surgery this week, prayers for rest & recovery

02/25/24     Healing prayers for the Potts family & for Gerry's friend, Sherman

02/25/24     Prayers for Peter Hanson who is not feeling well

02/25/24     Joy - Cass Cassiano had successful eye surgery this week

02/25/24     Traveling mercies for Paul Wilson

02/25/24     Prayers for Sheryl Duke who has dementia

02/25/24     Prayers for Cocoa & Family as her father, Ron Smith is still in the hospital

02/25/24     Birthday prayers for Alton Crowther

02/25/24     Gene Saloky - thanks for prayers for daughters, dental surgeries went well.

02/18/24     Elizer Diyaolu prayers for upcoming sinus procedure to be successful and devoid of any


02/18/24     For the family of Virginia Rininsland, mother of Joan Potts. Ginnie died peacefullly on

                   February 14th.

02/18/24    For the Sutton family - some family members have covid.

02/18/24    For the Jean Family - some family members have strep throat

02/18/24    Dale Keyser's brain tumor biopsy was not good news - prayers as he participates in clinical

                   trials at Duke University 

02/18/24     Traveling mercies for Paul Wilson

02/18/24     Happy 83rd birthday to John Wilson Sr

02/18/24     Eva Baumgartel is having a heart catheriztion on Monday

02/18/24     Kass Greenlaw is well and thanks us for our prayers.

02/18/24     Traveling mercies & happy birthday for Elsie

02/18/24     Prayers for the Kamara family - their daughter was laid to rest last week.

02/18/24     Prayers for the Kassor family.

02/18/24     Prayers for  Gene Saloky's twin daughters as they have dental surgery this week.

02/18/24     Meghan Riley is finally home!  She still has a long journey to wellness. 

                    We will keep her on our continuing prayer list.

02/11/24     Prayers for Kass Greenlaw.  She was on a cruise and was taken to a hospital in St.

                   Thomas.  The main concern was that her blood pressure was very low. She was in ICU for

                   a few days until they were able to regulate her blood pressure. She also had some fluid in

                   her lung and they were being overly cautious that it did not become pnemonia. She is now

                   in a regular room and should be coming home early this week.  Her son Dan has met with

                   her via "facetime" and she is looking and feeling well.

02/11/24     Prayers for those not able to be in worship today, especially Val Hobson and the Sutton

                   Family.  Maurice Sutton has Covid.

02/11/24     Continued prayers for the Keyser family, as they await results of Dale Keyser's biopsy.

02/11/24     Suzanne Turner broke a bone in her ankle.

02/11/24     John Wilson Jr will be 58 this week - happy birthday!

02/11/24     Prayers for Sheryl Duke (Carol's sister) hope that change in medication works for her.

02/11/24     Ron Smith (Cocoa's Dad) is having prostate surgery on the 14th.

02/11/24     Prayers for family of Eric Bonner, who took his own life last week.

02/11/24     Joy to have Eva in worship with us today.  Good that she is feeling better.

02/11/24     Jason's friend who has a brain tumor has finished treatment and is back in school.

02/11/24     Welcome to Pastor Mike Nelson from EPA Conference

02/04/24     Parris Boyette is hospitalized, prayers for healing and recovery.

02/04/24     Marina's friend, Abby, is celebrating a birthday today.

02/04/24     Prayers for the Caulker family - three members of their family died in one week.

02/04/24     Continuing prayers for the Keyser family as Dale is treated for a cancerous brain tumor.

02/02/24     Prayers for Eva Baumgartel's health and well being.

02/04/24     Prayers for Mary Meyers' daughter as she is ready to give birth soon.

02/04/24     Prayers for a neighbor, Charles that is not doing well.

02/04/24     Prayers for Sheryl Duke (Carol's sister) hope that medications work for her.

02/04/24     Pat Morrisey is in the hospital with back complications.

02/04/24     Mark Whited is doing better, infection and bruising are healing well. 

                   Continued prayers for healing in his shoulder.

02/04/24     Rhonda's brother Ed is also doing better, his infection is clearing up.

02/04/24     Prayers for Majennah & Jean as they visit Sierra Leone.

02/04/24     Meghan Riley is doing a little better.  Prayers as she decides about having her arm


02/04/24     Prayers for Jason's friend who has a brain tumor.

01/28/24     Meghan Riley in great need of healing of arm wounds and hand issues.  Doctors constantly

                  push for amputation, yet Meghan is working towards healing and being whole.  She has

                  recently been in risk of death due to her condition.  Please pray for Meghan's well being,

                  healing and recovery.

01/28/24     Shirley (Dot Gallagher's Friend) Shirley fell and is in the ICU.

01/28/24     Prayers for Majennah & Jean as they visit Sierra Leone.

01/28/24     Traveling mercies for the Wilson Family

01/28/24     Ron Smith (Cocoa's Dad) is having prostate surgery on the 14th.

01/28/24     Robert Caruso prayers for healing from multiple health issues

01/28/24     Joan Groves healing from a fall.

01/28/24     Safe travels for Kass Greenlaw & friends as they cruise to the Caribbean next weekend

01/28/24     Prayers for a friend of Claudia Johnson on her 80th birthday

01/28/24     Prayers for Mark Whited.  He fell on ice and may need shoulder replacement, hurt his knee,

                    and now has an infection.  Prayers for healing.

01/28/24     Rhonda's brother Ed is having vertigo issues - is in hospital with a serious infection

01/28/24     Prayers for the Kamara family, Kula Kamara died suddenly.

01/28/24     Abdulahi and family, for God's continuous blessing and protection.

01/21/24     Norah Saloky (Gene's daughter) has a minor surgery coming up

01/21/24     Traveling mercies for Paul Wilson

01/21/24     Prayers for those not able to be in worship today

01/21/24     Cocoa prayers for relief from a migraine headache

01/21/24     Prayers for Flossie's family and friends as she died this past week

01/21/24     Enid is grateful for another year, will be 45 yrs old this week

01/21/24     Prayers for the VanGorder family as they all have a cough.

01/14/24    Allyson is requesting traveling mercies for herself and her family.

01/14/24    Cocoa’s requests prayers for her father, Ron Smith

01/14/24    Prayers for the Sprigg family as their daughter had a miscarriage, and the family is already

                  grieving the loss of a grandchild.

01/14/24    Prayers for Dale Keyser and his wife Marilyn.  Dale has been diagnosed with a cancerous

                  brain tumor.

01/14/24    Prayers for a friend that has been diagnosed with leukemia.

01/14/24    Thanks for prayers for Zilpha, she is feeling better.

01/14/24    Traveling mercies for Sonja and Zilpha as they travel home for a visit.

01/14/24    Joy - This morning a group from the "We Love You Foundation" was cleaning up Sonja's


01/14/24    Prayers for Flossie who is on life support

01/14/24    Mike Pacillio & Marion, Mike is in the hospital with pneumonia, Afib, & dehydrated.

01/14/24    Maureen Mc Crimmon has the flu

01/14/24    Mary Cubbage has Covid

01/14/24    Bianca Cruz

01/14/24    MaJennah Jean thanks God for keeping her safe through a car accident.

01/14/24    Prayers for Jahcuries school pastors.

01/14/24    Prayers for Alana as she is in a Salsa dance competition in Florida.

01/14/24    Majorie asks for prayers for her school class.

01/14/24    Prayers for Eva Baumgartel to feel better.

01/14/24    Prayers for Carol Evans to feel better.

01/14/24    Prayers for Haiti and Jean's family

01/07/24    Prayers for Joan Harmer, 95 yrs old, in Holy Redeemer Hospital with pneumonia

01/07/24    Dende is thankful her daughter Wadiya is almost finished treatments and is feeling better

01/07/24    Prayers for Zilpha, as she has a very bad cold.

01/07/24    Ed Paye asking for traveling mercies.  Grateful for 2023 and looking forward to 2024.

01/07/24    Baumbartel is home and still not feeling well, prayers for recovery

01/07/24    Cocoa’s friends Joe & Maria, Joe preparing for extensive surgery and rehab.

01/07/24    Cocoa has adopted a feral cat and asks for prayers as the cat adjusts to it's new home.

01/07/24    Vince Riley is preparing for back surgery

01/07/24    Sue C knee is healing well, thanks for prayers.

01/07/24    Welcome to Pastor Randy as he joins us today for worship.

01/07/24    Linda Sutton is not feeling well, prayers for her and her family.

01/07/24    Gerry’s daughter Christine has a bad cold

01/07/24    Guest, Zee is happy to visit us today, prayers for our youth

01/07/24    Enid welcomes her sister, Zee, who is visitng from Texas

01/07/24    Prayers that insurance will cover Meghan Riley for full recovery at rehab

05/26/24     Marina Jean is not feeling well.

05/26/24     Prayers for our youth - they can not experience life as we did.

05/26/24     Prayers for Haiti the violence is out of control.  All are in danger.

05/26/24     Ruthie Dillion broke her ankle - prayers for healing.

05/26/24     Ron Smith  (Cocoa's Dad) is 85 today.  He will be getting a pace maker on June 7th. 

                   Prayers that all goes well.

05/26/24     Prayers for Cocoa's friend Tommi as she grieves the loss of her 100 yr old great-grandmother

                   and her mother in law.

05/26/24     Prayers for Dot Gallagher's neighbor Mike who is not feeling well.

05/26/24     JOY - Olive Hanson graduated on Saturday from LaSalle with a Bachelor Degree in Nursing.

05/26/24     Thanks for those who gave their lives for our freedom. Freedom is not free.

05/26/24    Prayers for the Buzzard family.  Dorothy Buzzard died on May 21st.  She was 102 years old!

05/19/24       Sue Creevey - fell on Sunday morning and hurt her back. Prayers for a good


05/19/24      Enid is starting a new job, prayers for all the changes ahead

05/19/24      Traveling mercies for Kass Greenlaw's grandson who is going to Singapore and


05/19/24     Gerry's grandson Storm graduating from Temple and Hannah graduating from

                   University of North Carolina

05/19/24     Erin Kelly (Sue and Rich's daughter) walked with the family in the autism fundraiser

05/19/24     Prayers for the Fegin family,  Jahcurie's teacher Ms. Fegin's husband died

05/12/24     Prayers for Emmy, Joyce's co-worker that has cancer.

05/12/24     Joy - Wilson's grandson Kelsey had successful surgery.

05/12/24     Prayers for Doug Thomas who had major surgery

05/12/24     Joy - Kass Greenlaw welcomes her son Doug to worship with us

05/12/24     Prayers for the family of Joy Rampson as they mourn her death.

05/12/24     Sonja thankful for Mom & Grandmoms and all who are like a mother to us.

05/12/24     Joy - Tyler Prince celebrated his 26th birthday and she is so proud of him.

05/12/24     Prayers for West African community in Philadelphia - too many are being killed.

05/12/24     Prayers for Leila (Dende's sister -in-law) who is recovering from surgery.

05/12/24     Prayers for Dende's family on the passing of her cousin Sahr.

05/12/24     JOY - Olive Hanson graduated on Saturday from LaSalle with a Bachelor Degree in Nursing.

05/05/24     Traveling mercies for Maiiha

05/05/24     Enid is thankful for God's guidance - God is good!

05/05/24     Ethel & Edward Paye celebrated their 1st wedding anniversary on May 4th.

05/05/24     Diana Wilson Great Grandson Kelsey was born with a  cleft palate and is having surgery to

                   repair it.

05/05/24     Thankful that Linda Sutton and family are doing well and able to be back in church.

05/05/24     Prayers for Savannah's mom, Victoria Somers, who has MS.

05/05/24     JOY - Naiima Jabati received a financial scholarship for the University of Penn!

05/05/24     Jean Bernard - prayers for cataract surgery in June.

05/05/24     Samuel Cole is a member of General Conference, and he is asking for traveling mercies as all

                    return home.  Unity was the presiding theme.

05/05/24     Gene Saloky ask for traveling mercies for his twin daughters.

05/05/24     Enid asked for prayers for her daughter Naomi who is attending a boarding school in Sierra


04/28/24     Traveling mercies for Paul Wilson

04/28/24     John Wilson Sr is having hand surgery on Friday - prayers all goes well.

04/28/24     Prayers for the Gardner family, Justin Garder age 33 yrs died.

04/28/24     Prayers for Cocoa's parents. Cocoa felt watched on her way to church.

04/28/24     Kass Greenlaw's grandson Brandon was teaching her great grandson to play golf and he got

                    hit in the ear and needed 8 stitched in his ear.

04/28/24     Kass Greenlaw's grandson Brandon celebrated his 1st Holy Communion

04/28/24     Family has found a place for Sheryl Duke she will be near her sons.

04/28/24     Prayers for all in "tornado alley"

04/28/24     Prayers for Linda Sutton and family.

04/28/24     Prayers for Pat Dugan, her 40 yr old daughter died.

04/28/24     Marie Petersin is happy to be back at church.

04/28/24     Prayers for the Gittens family, Kay Gittens died.

04/28/24     Sonja shared the joy of having her friend, Joyce with her in worship today.

04/28/24     Dende asked for prayers for Sierra Leone

04/28/24     Continued prayers for Collingwoode & Marina as they vist Sierra Leone.

04/28/24     Prayers for Ken who was diagnosed with cancer.

04/28/24     Prayers for Eva Baumgartel's family.

04/28/24     Prayers for Peace in the world

04/28/24     Prayers for Pastor Brendan's Mom & Stepdad, Steve and Stephanie

04/21/24    Jason's friend, Devon,whom we have been praying for as he was treated for cancer, died. 

                  Prayers for Devon's family & friends.

04/21/24    Traveling mercies for Enid as she travels again this week for work, and for Marina &

                   Collingwoode as they travel to Sierra Leone for a two month visit.

04/21/24     Prayers for our church as we grieve for Eva Baumgartel

04/21/24     Massa shared a joy that her friend had a baby.

04/21/24     Prayers for Mallory

04/21/24     Prayers for Marina & Collingwoode while they are away.

04/21/24   Cocoa's Mom had a mini stroke, prayers for recovery. Continued prayers for her dad, Ron Smith.

04/21/24     On the way to church today an older man, his name is Ted, fell and Cocoa and others helped

                   him up.  Prayers for him.

04/21/24     Prayers for Ukraine, Russia, Palestine 

04/21/24     Thank God for caring for us

04/21/24     Prayers for the youth as they lead us in worship today.

04/21/24     Joy to have so many youth in our congregation!

04/21/24     Prayers for Church & Family

04/21/24     Continued prayers for Sheryl Duke, hope that they find a good care facility near her children.

04/21/24     Kathy Saloky's brother in law, died this week.  He was 96. Prayers for the Penzes family.

04/21/24     Kass's granddaughter was in a car accident, the car was totaled but she was not harmed.

04/21/24    Abdulah Jah's mother-in-law (Patience Kunyabor' Mom) died.  Prayers for the family.

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