We are blessed to have a

multi-generational congregation,

with youth from babies to age 16. 

We are currently gathering the youth together outdoors for a time of fellowship or projects. 

Each summer we sponsor a one week evening “Music & Drama Camp”

for youth to learn and perform

a short musical. 

Videos from past camps can be viewed on our YouTube Channel.

Crescentville UMC Youth Challenge

September 26th – November 28th


We are challenging our youth to be active participants in the life of our congregation.  Points will be given for each suggested challenge, and new challenges may be added as we go along.  Prizes will be awarded to all individuals according to the total amount of points they earn during the challenge.

The prizes will be Target gift cards.


These challenges earn 5 points each time they are completed:


  • Attendance at Sunday Worship


  • Bible learning challenge – (example: memorize a verse(s) or name a person in the bible, or who is Jacob?) The bible learning challenge will be based on what is learned in Sunday School.  The learning challenges will be made available to those who are not able to attend.


  • Participate in worship service – (greeter, usher, acolyte, reader, etc)


  • Bring a friend to church (or a relative that doesn’t live with you)


  • Introduce yourself to someone at church whose name you do not know, learn their name and learn one thing about them (example – do they have pets, where were they born, what type of work do they do?)  Be prepared to greet them by name – extra points for remembering their name!


  • Attendance at special church events (examples – Rally Day - Carson Simpson Farms fall event, special youth activities and meetings)


  • Participating in Church maintenance – Joining youth day clean up events (helping with outdoor/indoor clean up), and other tasks as asked.




FALL 2021.jpg

Outdoor Clean Up

After Worship on Sunday, October 3, 2021

A special THANK YOU

to all the adults that helped!


Church Picnic
October 23, 2021
Carson Simpson Farms

SUMMER 2021.jpg

August 11, 2021

Bike Ride With Pastor Randy


Minature Golf July 13, 2021


Bicycle 101 With Pastor Randy
July 20, 2021


Youth Sunday June 13, 2021



Christmas season 2020