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Tithing is more of a heart issue than a financial one.

If you’re struggling with the idea of tithing or giving, spend some time asking God to give you wisdom

around the topic and show you ways that you can help others

- or even just be more generous.


Even if giving doesn’t come naturally, prayer can help soften our hearts and refocus our intentions.


Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank You for all that I have.  You are my provider, giving me everything I need

to sustain!  Help me to be faithful to giving back to You what is already Yours. 

I pray that whether I have a little or a lot, You would take what I have and use

it to Your glory. Please give me wisdom in sharing all that you have given to me.

Help me to be generous in my offerings and develop in me the joy and

cheerfulness in giving that is so pleasing to Your heart.

In Jesus' name I pray,  Amen.

You may be hesitant to part with your hard-earned income

as you have many other competing financial demands. 

Here is a way to try tithing or increase your giving.

Take your pay check and set aside one tenth  (or a percentage from the chart below)

Set that amount aside where don't see it as funds to be used for everyday living.

Do this for three months.  Then see if you missed that money.

You may discover that you truly do have enough to share.

By releasing a fraction of money, you put your trust in God.

Giving becomes an opportunity to develop deeper faith.

You may be amazed at the ways that God has provided exactly what you needed.

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