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Small Group Study – “When God’s People Pray” by Jim Cymbala


I feel that Crescentville UMC needs a prayer ministry.  Each week we tell our joys and concerns, but who is praying these requests? When I get a phone call during the week and someone needs prayer, it only the Pastor and myself that know of this request.  We should have a team of prayer warriors to pray! 


During the summer, I would like to lead a small group study on prayer, with the hopes of starting a prayer ministry in September.  This is a six session study, each session would be about one hour.  Each session includes a short video and discussion.  I have open options of when and where to meet – at my home, at church, day, evening, whatever works for the majority interested in participating.  Please tell me soon if you are interested, and as a group forms we will decide on our meeting times and place.


Sue Creevey               267-847-6029   [call or text]


Introduction to study:

Our God loves us deeply and longs to be in a relationship in which we receive the spiritual and physical blessings he wants to give us. We, as individuals and as churches, suffer great loss when we fail to ask God for these blessings. These blessings can change our lives, invigorate our churches, transform our communities, and even alter the course of history! Best of all, they are available to every believer and every church if we will only pray for them in faith and obedience.

My desire through this video series is to help God's people discover prayer as our lifeline to Him - our source of strength and abundant blessing. I want to help God's people engage in serious prayer and become a living display of what God - and He alone - can accomplish here on earth. I don't want any of us to suffer the tragedy of a life summed up by these words from Scripture: "You do not have, because you do not ask God" (James 4:2).

By God's grace, I pray that this video series will instruct, inspire, and assist God's people in discovering a new life of asking and receiving from God.

Jim Cymbala


When God’s People Pray

Session 01: God's Heart for Us

Session 02: The Amazing Power of Prayer   

Session 03: Obedience in Prayer         

Session 04: The Word of God and Prayer      

Session 05: Why Prayer Matters           

Session 06: Creating a Prayer Ministry in Your Church

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